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    • CALENDAR | liggettstudio

      CALENDAR Click on each of the images below to learn more about each exhibit / event / class / workshop 2020 Sep 11 - Oct 3 Elements Exhibiting Artists: Sally Bachman, Milissa Burkart, Jean Ann Fausser, Rusty Johnson, Sharyl Landis, Cynthia Marcoux, Cindy Swanson, Jim Terrell, Steve Tomlin, Kristal Tomshany, Janis Updike Walker, Dean Wyatt Oct 9 - Nov 7 My Left, You're Right Featuring work by Allison Ward Oct 18 Fall 2020 Raku Firing With Steve Liggett Dec 4 - 19 Gordon / Steve Liggett / Marjorie Atwood Collaboration ​ Oct 9 - Nov 7 Real Time Disassosiation Featuring work by Austin Gober ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Oct 10 - 11 Fall 2020 Raku Workshop With Steve Liggett Nov 13 - 21 2020 Objets D'Art Holiday Art Sale Curated by Steve Liggett 2021 Jan 8 - Feb 6 ANTI-VENOM by Alexander Tamahn Jan 8 - Feb 6 Dalia by Frida Cornelio

    • Deaf Bruce Lou by David Cardamone | liggettstudio

      Deaf Bruce Lou 0 Featuring new work by David Cardamone ​ All artwork will be available online for purchase starting on April 10th through May 2, 2020 ​ The Deaf Bruce Lou exhibition consists of a combination of martial arts and mixed media. The Artist's character, Deaf Bruce Lou, fights an ongoing uphill battle to bring about social justice and equal rights for deaf people, just as Bruce Lee helped bring about social justice and equal rights for the Chinese people. ​ Read David Cardamone's extended Artist Statment here ​ Also in the Gallery April 10 - May 2: View of Educational Structures Featuring work by Mark Wittig Deaf Bruce Lou Purchase artwork from below

    • REAL TIME DISASSOCIATION | Austin Gober | liggettstudio

      Real Time Disassociation Co-curated by Austin Gober ​ Opening: Friday, Oct 9, 2020, 6 - 9 pm Last day of exhibit: Nov 7, 2020 Gallery Hours: 5-9pm Thursdays 4-9pm Fridays 1-5pm Saturdays or by Appointment by calling 918-694-5719 ​ The artist's subjects are primarily complete abstractions or highly abstracted people and things, mostly in acrylic paint. The artist says about his work, "my art is the lemonade I make out of some bad coping mechanisms I've collected. The meaning of my pieces exists entirely within my drive to make them." Also in the Gallery Oct 9-Nov 7: My Left You're Right by Allison Ward

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