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Paper & BookArts Programs

LIGGETT STUDIO BOOK ARTS: It is time to get your bookmaking journey started at Liggett Studio Book Arts Lab, an expansion of the Liggett Paper Lab. Enroll early in the upcoming set of courses, with varying levels of difficulty and complexity, as you learn skills and techniques, geared to inspire a new way to express your imagination through the book form. It is the plan to design and produce a collection of artistic book structures, ready for an exhibit in the Fall of 2025, featuring our participants, as well as guest lecturers and artists.

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THE BOOK AS ART: An Introduction

Instructors: Teresa J. Wilber and Katrina Matthews

MAY 17-19, 2024


Material Fee: $20/each

Plan for a weekend to explore the artistic world of Book Arts, creating books by hand, taught by Calligrapher and Book Artist Teresa J. Wilber and Bookbinder Katrina Matthews. The weekend will be a fun blend of learning the basic skills of the craft and bringing art alive in book form. Whether experienced or beginner, participants will cover important, basic aspects of making unique and intriguing books. Nestled in this workshop, there will be time set aside to explore your creativity, by embellishing and decorating your creations, with experienced book artists by your side.  Let’s have fun exploring the book as art together!


FRIDAY 5-8pm: Bookmaking Bootcamp: Learn the basics, from terms to techniques, and stitches to supplies, while making two fun, though easy book structures, a small softback, and an accordion book.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9-4pm: These intro-level days will involve creating a crossed structure book that exposes the stitching handiwork on its spine, lending itself to individualized decorations and embellishments. Also, based on ancient traditions, students will learn a Japanese stab-binding technique to fold and slightly sew, and create an elegant, yet practical book for journaling, sketchbook, etc. Included in this time is afternoon space in the book  arts lab to focus on the book as art.

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JUNE 13, 2024, 6-8pm

Initial Meeting: Free Admission

Meeting on the second Thursday of every month, join us for a book arts club, The Book Dragons. You are invited to dig into your creativity alongside other book arts enthusiasts. At the initial meeting, we will collaborate on a program agenda for future meetings. Also, this will be a good chance to reserve time in the Book Arts Lab to work on your art throughout the month, with guides present.

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THE BOOK AS ART: Exposed Spine Artistry

Instructors: Teresa J. Wilber and Katrina Matthews

SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2024


Material Fee $20/each

This intermediate level weekend will focus on exposed spine book arts, including Coptic stitches and sewing on tapes. Each book lies flat when opened, making them ideal for journals, sketchbooks, and memory books. Included in this time is afternoon space in the book arts lab to focus on the book as art.


FRIDAY 5-8pm: In addition to a refresher on the basics, we will have an evening of paper art preparation. The papers you design will be used in your books on Saturday & Sunday. 


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9-4pm: Using the artistic papers designed on Friday, we will journey through the creation of a Coptic hardbound book and a Medieval based book with exposed tape sewing.  You will end the weekend with two beautiful books full of your art and creativity.



Instructor: Katrina Matthews

NOVEMBER 2, 2024, 9am-4pm



Preparing for the holiday season, join us as we get artsy with a fun niche of book arts: miniature book creations! And, you will have the option to turn your miniature books into hanging ornaments to share with friends and family. If you have an ugly sweater or some fun holiday earrings, this would be the time to wear it. This is sure to be a fun time. A nominal material fee will be collected at the workshop

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