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Nichole Montgomery

born 1978, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nichole is a self-taught artist. Her only art courses were in high school. The teacher, Mr. Brown, left her alone to draw just like he had done when he was her mother’s teacher. Leaving Nichole alone to draw was just fine with her. She started doodling and has never quit.  She says doodling helps her "zone out" and is a form of mental therapy. For two decades, she parlayed the output of her doodling habit into  commissioned album covers for clients from many nations.

She claims her art making is genetic because her mother and most of her extended family are artists. She learned by watching them and others. It also helped growing up in an Oregon mountain town that promoted and cultivated the arts.


In addition to pen and ink, Nichole uses oil, digital and mixed media to create her meticulously detailed work. Along with being visually attuned to everything around her, she translates her rich life experiences into unconventional artwork that purposefully has no focal point.  Nichole wants the viewer to stare, feel it, and wonder how her process leads to the final piece.

Nichole is a disabled Army veteran, American Legion Representative and Board Member, and a full-time artist, raising two kids.

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