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Justin Brooke

born 1983, Norman, Oklahoma

Justin identifies with the DIY Punk Artist movement. Though he has been artistic for as long as he can remember, he’s unsure about being called a Visionary artist. He has always been drawing and in high school, he was recognized for his pen and ink comics. He completed one semester of an online drawing course but decided higher education wasn’t for him. Then, approximately 10 years ago, he started painting and really got into color.


For 20 years, Justin made a living as a line cook. But as a consequence of being hit by a car and with serious health issues he was left with mobility problems, chronic pain and an inability to hold a regular job. Justin continues, however, to make art and claims, like many artists, that he couldn’t quit creating art if he wanted to. He says it keeps him sane.

With severely reduced income, Justin paints over found canvases and uses acrylic paints. In addition to looking for used surfaces to paint on, he finds amazing things other people throw away to use in his constructions.

He says most of his past subject matter was politically motivated. Currently, Justin’s work consists of emotive faces he says are “sort of self-portraits”. He wants his viewers to have a sincere reaction to his work, even if they hate it.


Justin is a full-time visual artist, vocalist, and lyricist.

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