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Chayne Easky

born 1986, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chayne is a self-taught artist. He has no formal visual art training. Although he can remember drawing as a child, he was more interested in writing. This interest led him to take writing courses at Tulsa Community College. Due to complications associated with drug addiction, he spent time in prison. There, designing tattoos kindled his interest in visual art. Upon release from prison and managing a disability caused by a gunshot wound, Chayne turned to painting. Currently, he paints whenever he can. He says he enjoys the process and finds it helps him cope with stress.

His painting process often starts with a literary quote from a novel or book of philosophy. Then, using his mobile phone, he enters the quote into a Generative AI program. After several iterations, he prints an image. He may use the image as an inspiration, apply paint directly on the print, or adhere sections of the print to canvas before painting. Many of his paintings contain a character he invented while in prison and/or faces he sees during his PTSD nightmares.


Chayne is a full-time artist and a stay-at-home dad.

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