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Chandra Valkyrie

born 1975, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chandra was a professional photographer up to 2001 and currently sells real estate. She has always known she was meant to be an artist. She wants to find a way to do it full time and help others find the therapeutic value in the creative journey that has so enriched her life.

She calls her art “raw” because it comes from her emotions. She believes in art’s healing power and feels compelled to create. It is an integral to her being and helps free her from negative thoughts and emotions. Through art making, Chandra can practice the compassion necessary to heal from childhood trauma. Trauma recovery, life lessons, and other events inform her work.

Chandra sketches daily and has approximately 15 completed sketchbooks divided into before and after the COVID lockdown. The stress of lockdown turned her well behaved bullet journals into vibrantly colored, mixed-media creations that are an outlet for her fears, joys, and frustrations. She describes her sketching process as “no process” at all but rather automated; completely process oriented. Chandra says she draws first and then finds the meaning. She describes the sensation as, “almost like watching a polaroid picture develop.” Her drawings often serve as source material for more developed work, graduating from the page onto the canvas or into a diorama.

Chandra’s has turned her home into a macabre art installation, soon to be an art focused AirBNB.  She’s also turned a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse into an Art Car, complete with a unicorn costume. She called it “Hearsicorn” (i.e. Hearse + Unicorn). Her motive is to perplex people and force them to be in the moment. She also likes to see her viewers smile.

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