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April McDaniel

born 1986, Tulsa, Oklahoma

April lost interest in art after a high school art teacher wouldn’t approve her projects. In 2018, this interest was rekindled when her sister refused to give her one of her paintings and someone graciously gave her a few art supplies.  She learns by doing and watches online videos when she’s really stuck. For example, she turned to a  Bob Ross video after being commissioned to paint a mural with a deer jumping  over a wall.

April’s ideas come from visualized emotions. She has a vision of the finished product and what she needs to do to create it. She paints directly, without sketching beforehand. Seeing the finished product is what keeps her going and brings the most joy.

April works quickly, completing up to four canvases a day. She has sold over 900 original paintings. Besides selling online, she markets her work on the roadside and in dispensaries. April also paints murals for homes and businesses.  Her Tim Burton inspired scenes are very popular along with characters from Dr. Seuss.  April considers her work akin to a dark version of Lisa Frank. She also organizes many art related events such as “Puff & Paint,” bingo, jam nights, special LGBTQ events, and birthday parties.

In addition to April’s popular culture themed paintings, she produces work from her imagination.  These paintings showcase fantasy scenes that are energized with bold colors, shapes and lines. Recently, she has started making found object constructions (as shown in this exhibit).  She has also taken on the biggest project of her life: renovating a burnt-out log cabin filled with several pianos and trash. She is doing all the work herself. Once complete, she wants this amazing art installation to be a shelter for homeless women. 

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