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10 West King Street

Tulsa, OK 74106




Master of Arts Degree – 1979 - with concentration in Ceramics, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree – 1976 - with concentration in Ceramics, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 



Oklahoma State University, Stillwater – 2022 - Inflatable Sculpture Workshop Leader, Stillwater, OK 

The Artist’s Apartment Above Liggett Pottery – 2018- Present- Proprietor, Immersive Art Environment, Tulsa, OK

Liggett Pottery - 1972 to Present - Ceramic Artist, Tulsa, OK 

The Paper Lab 2017 to Present - Director and Instructor at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK 

Liggett Studios - 2002 - Present - Artistic Director of gallery and artist studio complex, Tulsa, OK   

Living Arts of Tulsa - 1991- 2017 - Artistic Director building a strong contemporary arts organization for Tulsa over 26 years in 4 locations, Tulsa, OK

Riverfield Country Day School - 2002 – 2008 - Art Department Head and Art Instructor, Tulsa, OK

Living Arts Media Center and the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa - 1998-2005 - Video Art Instructor & Artist in Residence Program, Tulsa, OK

Center for Racial Justice - 1995-2001- Video Director, integrating art with new technologies for North Tulsa elementary school children, Tulsa, OK 

Liggett Studio - 1992-2008 - Operated a video production and post-production studio and created 150 television episodes on late-night LATV, Tulsa, OK 

SummerArts - 1988-89 - Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, Video Instructor teaching gifted and talented students, Tulsa, OK 

Holland Hall School - 1986-1994 - Instructor of Photography, Video and Ceramics, Tulsa, OK

University of Tulsa School of Art - 1976-77 - Graduate Instructor in Ceramics & Gallery Assistant, Tulsa, OK

Philbrook Art Center  - 1975-77 – Pottery Wheel Throwing and Raku Instructor & African Ceramics Workshop Instructor, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Public Schools – 1976-96 - Raku Workshop Teacher, Tulsa, OK

University of Tulsa School of Art – 1974-77 - Clay Assistant to Tom Manhart, Tulsa, OK

Oral Roberts University – 1972-73 - Clay Assistant to Sue B. Montgomery, Tulsa, OK



Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center – 2022 - Advanced Studies in Mapmaking for the Artist with Guillermo Delgado & Advanced Studies in Paper Clay with Barbara Campbell, Abiquiu, NM

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture - 2011 - Intensive workshop on building stronger communities through the media arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL 

Andy Warhol Convening - 2011, San Francisco & 2008, New Orleans, LA

Alternate Roots – 2004 – Advanced Studies in Digital Storytelling & Arts and Activism, Ashville, NC 

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts – 2004 - Advanced Studies in Printmaking with Robert Mueller, Gatlinburg, TN 

Rogers State College - 1993 – Television Production Studies, Claremore, OK

Penland Arts and Crafts School -1991 - Advanced Studies in Ceramics with Ye Wen Kuo, Bakersville, NC

Arrowmont School of the Arts – 1986  - Advanced Studies in Handmade Papermaking with Tom Lang, Gatlinburg, TN

Twinrocker Handmade Papers – 1982 – Artist Residency in Handmade Papermaking with Kathryn & Howard Clark, Brookline, IL



Beat to a Pulp – Dec, 2023 – I curated a group show of handmade paper artists from around the MidWest and also exhibited some of my work.  Liggett Studio, Tulsa, Ok

Dream of Morocco – May, 2023 – one man exhibit of photographic images from Morocco (with technical assistance from Michael McRuiz) and low-fire ceramic tagines, The Gallery at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

VisionMakers Biennial - 2022 – juried exhibited January 6: A Butter Dish – Collaboration with Patrick Gordon, 108 Contemporary Art Center, Tulsa, OK

Pendula – 2022 - Solo Exhibition of Recent Handmade Paper & Clay Works of Steve Liggett, The Gallery at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

Intersecting Spheres: Collaborations in Ceramic Arts – 2022 - Collaborations with Patrick (ps) Gordon, Marjorie Atwood & Cynthia Brown Exhibition City Arts, Ponca City Art Association, John McNeese Gallery, Ponca City, OK

Duets – 2021 - Collaborations with Patrick (ps) Gordon & Cynthia Brown Exhibition – The Gallery at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

Botanical Abundance – 17th Annual Ceramics Juried Exhibition - 2021 – exhibited 2 collaborative works with Patrick (ps) Gordon at McGroarty Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA 

(((3))): The Equivalent of the Sum of 1 + 2 – 2020 - Marjorie Atwood & Patrick (p.s.) Gordon Collaborations with Steve Liggett – The Gallery at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

Botanica – 2019 - Collaborations with Patrick Gordon - Exhibition - The Gallery at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

Solstice Celebration – 2018 - an environment of installations including the “Avenue of Obscure Objects” and the “Unveiling of the Family Totem”, Tulsa, OK  

Eloquent Craftsman: Thomas A Manhart & His Students - 2017 – Co-Producer & Exhibitions Curator at both University of Tulsa School of Art, Alexandre Hogue Gallery & Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Steve Liggett, the Living Arts Years - 2017 - a solo retrospective exhibition of my artwork from 1991-2017 Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Examining Change - 2017 – Exhibited 3 of my photographs dealing with the issues of the lack of economic change in North Tulsa, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Examining Change: North Tulsa Documentary Project - 2017 - Produced (curated by Don Thompson & Doyle Sanders) and created an archive of both the 1994 exhibit work and the 2017 exhibit, 2 exhibits, Living Arts and OSU-Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Dirt/Rug - 2016 –- Installation/Performance for Transforming Hate, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Chandeliers and Other Luminous Objects - 2016 – Long Tall Lamp for exhibit, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

7 Doorways/7 Stories - 2016 - I coordinated and produced a group site-specific performance work showing 7 collaborative groups working with stories given by homeless people from Tulsa gained through interviews and “photo and story crews” in the Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company Warehouse, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa ArtCar Weekend - 2016 - Creation and exhibition of my ArtCar, The Uninvited Guests, with help from the Tulsa ArtCar Club, Tulsa, OK

Bass TimeLine - 2015 – Installation/Video/Performance work for “Oh, Tulsa! Biennial”, dealing with the evolution of the Tulsa Arts District, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa BeltWorks - 2013 – a process/installation for “Oh, Tulsa! Biennial” Exhibit, dealing with the interconnectedness of all people in Tulsa, Living ArtSpace, Tulsa, OK

Chandelier & Other Luminous - 2013 - created Objects Mt Meru & The Ocean of Milk, a chandelier, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Almost - 2011 – an inflatable video/installation for the Oh, Tulsa! Biennial, dealing with the lack of vision in Tulsa, Living ArtSpace, Tulsa, OK

Form & Design Exhibition – 2009 – Created Tornado Lamp, a mixed media lamp sculpture, Untitled ArtSpace, Oklahoma City, OK (collaboration with Sharyl Landis)

Something is Lost, Something is Gained – 2004 – A memorial environment for my Mother, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK 

The Seven Paths – 2004, Installation at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN

The Well -  2003 - Celtae Llor Installation/performance with Professor Chuck Tomlins, Marshall Mesa, NM

Mi Corazon – 2002 – Clay Love Vessel Series, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Fire & Ice – 1999 – Each Note performance/installation, Carter Hall & Janice Bawden’s North Tulsa Site, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

TurnTable – 1996 – Solo exhibit of spinning installations & sculpture. Rogers State College, Claremore, OK

Ofrendas/Installation for the Day of the Dead Arts Festival 1995 to Present – I have built ofrendas each year honoring the Dead: Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Random Selection – 1996 – neon, mixed media, Devena’s Gallery, Tulsa, OK

Androgenan Shuffle – 1995 – Top award in the Men’s Show, Tulsa Artists Coalition, Tulsa, OK

Florence Poppy – 1994 – Created and installed a 45 foot tall inflatable sculpture commissioned by the Children’s Festival, Edmond, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Mother Earth, Laid – 1994, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, TU. This was a multi-media installation inviting participants to stand in another person’s boots and walk in the rainforest created in the gallery with a large inflatable woman in bondage above, Tulsa, OK

Faculty Exhibition -1993 - Holland Hall Holliman Gallery (Tulsa) exhibited video, tiled, Xerox enlargements from video prints, new clay bowl series (the Divorce Series) May,1992, Tulsa, OK 

DreamWorks – 1993 – I coordinated a group performance/installation event held at the Oklahoma Mobile Concrete Co, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Observatory – 1992, Children’s Festival, Edmond, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

PlumBob Room - 1992, Installation, Matthews Building (pre-Arts District renovation), Mayfest Invitational Gallery, Tulsa, OK

PlumBob Burial – 1992 - I created a ceramic burial urn for my Father’s cremains and a ritual clearing of the Liggett Graveyard utilizing the small trees that were growing from my Great, Grandparents’ graves. The two T’s were made from these and created a lean-to over the post-hole grave that his cremains were buried, King City, MO

Harwelden Happening - 1992 – Installation of the Dream Castle on the west lawn of Harwelden Mansion (Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa), Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Dream Castle – 1991- Premiere Installation of the Dream Castle, Public Inflatable Puzzle sculpture that was constructed and floated it on Heffner Lake, Edmond, OK for the Celebration of Children Festival. In April, 1992 it was re-installed at Crystal Bridges in Oklahoma City, OK and in May, 1992 – North Downtown Tulsa, Mayfest International installation and April 1994 in Hot Springs, AR  (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

The Ascension of Virginia – 1991.  An interactive turntable/dirt/prayer installation about the death of Virginia Myers, one of the founders of Living Arts of Tulsa.  Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK

A Target Rich Environment – 1991 – a video installation incorporating a clay Aladdin-style lamp, a large magnifier, a plexiglass target, a metal house structure, a large screen video monitor and a multiple piece photo of a student from Holland Hall about the war in Iraq. Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK

Changing Compositions: An Aerial Game – 1990 - an interactive inflatable art series of facial features for the “First Annual Celebration of Children Festival”, Edmond, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Portrait of Bernice – 1990 – a kinetic/participatory coin operated sculpture, installed at the Crain/Wolov Gallery originally in Sept, 1990, for “Oklahoma is OK: An Exhibition of Distinguished Oklahoma Artists”, Tulsa, OK

Making Decisions – 1990 – a site specific interactive installation/performance for Mayfest Invitational Gallery dealing with the concept of “Excellence in Education” in Oklahoma, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

New Art/New Material - 1989 – exhibition of proposals for utilizing newly invented plastic fabric, University Center Gallery, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Ad Hoc: For This – 1989 – An interactive site-specific room installation for the opening of the new Myers Gallery, Tulsa Center for Contemporary Art, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea & Dan Mayo)

Objet D’Art – 1989 – Inflatable Sculpture Installation of giant inflatable dart stuck in a target, Mayfest, Tulsa, OK

Pivotal Time Pieces – 1989 – A retrospective look at the work of Steve and Charlotte Rhea/Liggett from 1972-1989. Alexandre Hogue Gallery, TU, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea) 

Sapulpa Art Walls – 1988 – The creation and installation of a large (8’ high x 16’ wide) piece of handmade paper by Steve Liggett Sapulpa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

HORSE/HOUSE, - 1988, A video/installation premiering the video “QuarterHorse” in a multi-media environment at the Kirkpatrick Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

Blended Family – 1987 “Art Children/Art Selves”, Newark, New Jersey. and 1988 “VisionMakers” Exhibit at the Kirkpatrick Gallery for Oklahoma Artists, Oklahoma City, OK. And September, 1988, Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea, Cara Liggett & Curtis Rhea)

Covenant: Sacred Ground - 1987 – room installation for “Ritual & Magic” at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)

A Little Perspective - 1988 – An exhibition of small scale works, Art Signature Gallery, Tulsa, OK

Genealogy Room & Lift Off – 1986 – Room Installation & Inflatable Sculpture part of “Lift Off” Tulsa Artist Coalition, Tulsa, OK (collaboration with David Blust)

424/Anarchy Arts Sprang Thang – 1985 – Temporary Shelter #2 - Interactive Performance/Installation, Tulsa, OK

Shelter #1 –1984 Installation, Philbrook Front Lawn, Bamboo, Gauze and Paper Pulp, Tulsa, OK

Group Show – 1984 - Sanger/Harris Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Dream Marker - 1984 – paper, bamboo, mixed media – Installation, All Souls Unitarian, Holland Hall and Anarchy Arts Sprang Thang, Tulsa, OK

Should I Phone or Should I Write – 1984 – paper, bamboo, mixed media – Installation, All Souls Unitarian, Tulsa, OK

Close Connections – 1983 – Group show, Park Place Gallery, Sapulpa, OK

Herrera/Liggett – 1983, Two person exhibit at Johnson Atelier with Arturo Herrera, Tulsa, OK

Wharton/Liggett –1983 - An Exhibition of Lithographs & Colored Earthenware, ArtsPlace II, Oklahoma City, OK

Spring Exhibition – 1983 - Group Exhibition at The Artisans Gallery, Great Neck, NY

Southwest American Potters Invitational –1982 - Group exhibit at The Clay Pot, Brooklyn, NY

Dallas Craft Market – 1981, 1982 & 1983 – American Craft Enterprises, Market Hall, Dallas, TX

Human Arts –  1981 – An exhibition of my work in a group exhibit at the American Hand Gallery, Washington, DC

The Plaza Art Show –  1981 – I had an exhibition of my work at the Country Club Plaza Show, Kansas City, MO.

Steve Liggett: Recent Works – 1979, Solo Exhibit of new work, Johnson Atelier, Tulsa, OK

Modular Unit Series – 1978 - Paper, rattan and clay – Interactive/interchangeable parts, TU, Tulsa, OK

Two Person Exhibit –  1977, “Joey & Steve So Far” with Joey Baker at Brookside Library, Tulsa, OK

Habitat: Living With the Fine Crafts –1976, Philbrook Museum of Art (Group show of Tulsa Designer Craftsmen), Tulsa, OK

Toys Designed by Artists - 1976. Arkansas Museum of Art, Little Rock, AR

Herbert Gussman Exhibit  - 1975 – Second Place Award & 1976 – Honorable Mention, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Toys, Yoyos and Other Spinning Objects - 1975 -University of Tulsa, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, Tulsa, OK

National Ceramics Educational Association SW Invitational – (NCECA) 1975, Baton Rouge, LA

Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen Show – 1974 (Oklahoma City, OK), 1975 (Tulsa, OK), 1976 (Oklahoma City, OK) Honorable Mention and Purchase Award




The Bear Went Over the Mountain - 2016 - The Philosophy of tRump and a Bear, Tulsa, OK

Taking Questions  - 2016 - performance as part of “Re-Union”, Living ArtSpace. Tulsa, OK

Twist Contest Tornado - 2014 - performance at Café Kazany at Ok Arts Conference, Norman, OK 

Art Ninjas: ArtCrime - 2014 – Moving the street sign from Living Arts’ side of the street and re-installing it on the south side of Brady St. with Shunsuke Manabe. Tulsa, OK

Dr Miller – 2013 - Café Kzany – Ok Arts Conference, Ardmore, OK

George’s Hymnal of Snore - 2011, Café Kzany – Living ArtSpace, Tulsa, OK

George Goes to Egypt – 2011 – Living Arts LAB, Tulsa, OK

A.D.D. for Romantics – 2010 – Living Arts of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Bloodlines – 2009 – Nightingale Theater, Tulsa, OK

Crazy Quilt Drive-In – 2007 – Wallace Engineering, Tulsa, OK

The Well – 2004 – site specific installation/performance, Marshall Mesa, North of Taos, NM

Hand Turning Over – 2003 - University of Tulsa and Living Arts, Marshall Mesa, North of Taos, NM

Each Note – 1999 – Site specific work on North Tulsa property, OK

This is Not Love – 1995, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

Opening – 1994 - A collaborative dance/video work with Clark Phipps, performed at Heller Theatre, Tulsa, OK

Enter/Active/Man – 1994, a Video/Installation/Performance at Holland Hall School, Tulsa, OK

Video/Jungle – 1993 - Video/Installation/Performance dealing with my first trip into the Peruvian Rainforest. Holland Hall, Walter Arts Center. Performers were Tim O’Halloran, Barbara Rule, Sean Layton, and others, Tulsa, OK

Contradictions – 1991 – Penland School of Art & Craft, Ashville, NC

Parental Expectations – 1991 - a performance/installation in the Mayfest Invitational Gallery in the old Brady Market at Main St. and Brady St.  Dealing with my daughter’s marriage to Robin Crier and how parents feel when their children come out as “gay”, Tulsa, OK

Horse – 1989 - Performance in Oklahoma City, March, 1990 in Kansas City and June,1990 at Tulsa Center for Contemporary Arts in Tulsa, OK

Stick Song Bundle for Don Boyd – 1989 – Fluxus Project, Hogue Gallery, TU, Tulsa, OK

Pink Poodles & Radio Scan – 1988 – performance with Charlotte Rhea as part of our curated event “Tulsa” at the Phoenix Projext, Tulsa, OK

Man Lost in City – 1986 at the Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MO. & Feb 1987, Phoenix Projext IV, Tulsa, OK

Dawn’s Early Bite – 1986 – Art Crime with Group led by Mel Lee, 31st St, Tulsa, OK



Egyptian Adventure 10 – 2010, 2.5 hr.

Peru Adventure 05 – 2005, 2 hr.

Australian Adventure 02 – 2002, 2 hr.

Costa Rican Adventure 01 – 2001, 2 hr. 

This is Love – 1997, Video interviewing all sorts of people as to their concept (collaboration with Poet, Michael Pierce)

Ecuador Adventure 96 – 1996, 2 hr.

Panama Adventure 95 – 1995, 2 hr.

Mother, Be Still – 1994, 5 min.

Amazonia – 1993, 2 hr.

Rain Makes Applesauce – 1992 - 7 part performance video

Orange Dog in Tulsa – 1992 - video art work of a performance painting by artist Fritz Schoelder, 1 hr.

QuarterHorse – 1988 – a video artwork derived from the performance/installation HORSE (collaboration with Charlotte Rhea)



Ponca City Arts Festival - 2022 - Juror 

John Hope Franklin Award - 2017 - presented by John Hope Center for Reconciliation for work in the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts - 2015 - Juror for Visual Arts Panel

Oklahoma Art Collection Committee - 2015-17 - deciding on artworks added to the Oklahoma Art Collection

Governor’s Award – 2015 - given by the Oklahoma Arts Council for Service for service to the Community

National Performance Network Annual Meeting - 2014 - Conference Coordinator Tulsa, OK

Transforming Viewpoints - 2014 - Juror, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS

The Wes and Cathryn Young Community Service Award - 2006 - for my community work in the Brady Heights neighborhood

Momentum - 2006 - Juror for the Oklahoma Visual Artist Coalition, Ok City, OK

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Award – 2003-2017 - 1st funding in Oklahoma history for Living Arts

Dallas Video Festival - 2002 - Juror for the Texas Show, Dallas, TX

The Liddy Doenges Harwelden Award – 2001 - granted for cultural work in the community by the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa

Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award - 1995 & 96 - Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa

NeXtworX Award for Interdisciplinary Works - 1990  - Diverse Works and the National Endowment for the Arts, Houston, TX

Diverse Works Interdisciplinary Artists Award - 1989-90  - National Endowment for the Arts and Rockefeller Foundation, Houston, TX

ARTS ’88 Award – 1988  - National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts award given to 2 teachers in the US

Southwest Festival for the Arts - 1988  - Juror, Weatherford, OK

Mayfest Top Award – 1987  - commission for “Surroundings”, inflatable sculpture & video environment, Tulsa, OK

Outstanding Ceramic Student - 1974 & 1975 - Talent Awards in Sculpture, Univ. of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK



VisionArts Tulsa Committee – 2022 & 23 – Juror for grant proposals for Tulsa-based Arts organizations

Oklahoma Folk & Traditional Arts Task Force – 2022 – Present – Partner w/Oklahoma Arts Council

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts  – 2005-2017 – Partner w/Living Arts of Tulsa

National Performance Network - 2008-2017 – Partner w/Living Arts of Tulsa

National Media Arts Alliance - 2009-12 - Member

Tulsa Center for Contemporary Arts - 1989-91 – Co-Founder and Gallery Director

Tulsa Artists’ Coalition - 1988-89 – Founder and Former President

Tulsa Designer Craftsmen - 1979-81 – Former President and Craftsman Member

TU Art Association - 1975-76 – Member and Past President



Eloquent Craftsman: Thomas A Manhart & His Students - 2017 – A Catalogue that accompanied the two exhibitions of the same name, at the University of Tulsa and Living Arts of Tulsa

The Story of Mao, The Disappearing Cat – 2015 - Illustrator for children’s book (self-published)

A Liggett Family History – 2015 - A compilation my 30 years of research of my genealogy from 1760 to date of publication (self-published)

I Remember, I Think – 2011 – A compilation of short childhood memories from the 50s-60s (self-published)

“Performance Art: Contemporary in 1922”, Eidotrope – 1990 – an article on the genius of performance artist Oskar Schlemmer of the Bauhaus, Tulsa Artists’ Coalition Newsletter

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