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Interested in new ways to access creative ideas?  Meditation and sensory deprivation floating may be unexpected tools for your artistic practice.  Christiaan McPherson with H2Oasis Float Center in Tulsa will explain the history and benefits of float therapy and share how you can try a float session. H2Oasis is partnering with the Myths and Legends Project by offering discounted floats (with special code) during the month of June.  Artist Romney Nesbitt uses float therapy and meditation to access her “interior landscapes.”  She will share how her winding spiritual journeys have forged a deep connection with the Divine Feminine, Mary, mother of Jesus and Hilma af Klint, Swedish artist and mystic (1862-1944).  Hilma af Klint used deep meditation to “channel” her images from the beings she called “Ascended Masters.”  At the workshop you can participate in a guided meditation followed by time to draw what your mind’s eye sees. This orientation will be held at Liggett Studios and then reservations can be made Mon-Friday with special rates apply at H2Oasis (6564 E 51st St in the Farm Shopping Center) for participants. 

- Sunday, June 2 from 2-3:30 pm Liggett Studios $20

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