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THE BOOK AS ART: Exposed Spine Artistry


Instructors: Teresa J. Wilber and Katrina Matthews

SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2024


Material Fee $20/each

This intermediate level weekend will focus on exposed spine book arts, including Coptic stitches and sewing on tapes. Each book lies flat when opened, making them ideal for journals, sketchbooks, and memory books. Included in this time is afternoon space in the book arts lab to focus on the book as art.

FRIDAY 5-8pm: In addition to a refresher on the basics, we will have an evening of paper art preparation. The papers you design will be used in your books on Saturday & Sunday. 

SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9-4pm: Using the artistic papers designed on Friday, we will journey through the creation of a Coptic hardbound book and a Medieval based book with exposed tape sewing.  You will end the weekend with two beautiful books full of your art and creativity.

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