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Oklahoma Visionaries Art Exhibit


* For this project a Visionary Artist is defined as a person who:

1. Is an Oklahoma resident

2. Is self-taught

3. Is unconcerned with the mainstream art world 

4. Is inspired by uniquely personal visions

5. Has experienced marginalization

Deadline: June 30, 2023

Exhibit: Liggett Studio: October 13 – November 3, 2023

Submit work here

This exhibition is the result of a year-long search for Oklahoma residents who produce

art outside the influences of the mainstream artworld, are self-taught, have faced

marginalization and are inspired by their uniquely personal visions. These individuals

exemplify the definition of a visionary: “A person given to fanciful speculations and

enthusiasm with little regard for what is actually possible” … yet, surpass this definition

through the manifestation of art. The exhibit will celebrate the artwork of

approximately 20 Visionary Artists.

The Oklahoma Visionaries Art Exhibit was conceived by the nationwide rise in

popularity and appreciation for Visionary Artists and the lack of attention such artist

living in Oklahoma have received.

After confirming that the identified individuals meet the criteria, the Visionary

Artists will be invited to submit images of their work to be considered for the

exhibit. Each artist will be offered assistance to do this. In some cases, it may

require visiting and photographing their home studio. From these submissions, a

panel will select approximately 20 artists to exhibit their work.

Along with the selected artwork, a portrait (photograph or self-portrait) and

biography of each selected artists will be created.

If funding is secured, a $250 honorarium will be offer to help artists transport their

artwork and attend the opening.

The Oklahoma Visionaries Art Exhibit will celebrate the lives and work of the

selected artists and raise awareness of the existence of this artform in Oklahoma.

Criteria for Selection:

• Artists must be Oklahoma residents.

• Artists must make original visual artworks outside of the influences of the mainstream artworld

• Artists are self-taught

• Artists have experienced marginalization.

• Artists have a compulsion to produce artwork.

Other Considerations:

• All visual works must be for sale and not have been shown publicly within a 100 mile radius of Liggett Studio before the exhibit opens.

• Visual entries will be juried via online virtual entry method by the curators, Pam Hodges & Steve Liggett. However, studio site visits may be requested and help the curators make selection decisions.

• Photos of artworks can be as simple as those taken with a phone camera. Once accepted,

more professional photos will be taken by Liggett Studio for a potential exhibit catalogue.


Steve Liggett is the owner of Liggett Studio and co-curator of this exhibit. He has been an arts

advocate and artist in the Tulsa community for 50 years. From 1992 to 2017, Steve was Living

Arts of Tulsa’s artistic and executive director.  Under his leadership, Living Arts of Tulsa grew

tremendously from grassroots to national recognition for its support of contemporary art and

artists. Steve is providing the same quality of leadership to Liggett Studio and this exhibit. In

addition to his leadership in the arts, Steve is a practicing artist who maintains pottery and

papermaking studios. Steve holds a Masters of Art degree from the University of Tulsa in


Pam Hodges initiated this exhibit and is a co-curator. Since retiring in 2019, as Boys & Girls

Clubs of America’s Director of Learning in Atlanta, GA, she returned to Tulsa and is working as a

community volunteer and learning new art media. While not claiming to be an artist, she has a

BA degree in studio art and art history, was an Assistant Registrar at the Detroit Institute of

Arts, a Director of Education at Philbrook Museum of Arts, and a Director of Community Arts at

the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa. Her leadership was also demonstrated when serving as

a former board president of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and a board member for Living

Arts of Tulsa and chair for New Genre Festivals.

Pam’s interest in creativity is lifelong. The dissertation she wrote for her PhD from Oklahoma

State University explored the differences in the everyday creativity between people who self-

identified as artists and those who did not. Visionary artists often bridge the gap between

these two groups: Not self-identifying as artists, but intertwining the making of art with their

everyday life. This reason, along with aesthetics, has motivated Pam to pursue the quest to find

Oklahoma-based Visionary Artists and curate this exhibit.

Sponsors: City of Tulsa’s Vision Arts Program and others.  Many thanks!

The link below will lead you to items that are currently for sale in our gallery. Artwork from the exhibit above will be listed on the date and time of the opening.
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