Vanished Vibrations

Featuring work by Peter Hay & Stephanie Garcia

Opens Friday, Nov 5, 6-9pm
Continues Through Saturday, Nov 13.



Liggett Studio is a located at 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa, OK 74120 in heart of the East End Village District.

The absence of a living body, silent echoes of numerous female voices that have been silenced. Prints of violence on and under the skin of vanished corpses that yell from the deepest valleys of impunity. What is left of the vanished beings? What is left for the living bodies that recall those that vibrate in our memory? Violence is embedded already in our DNA; does that mean that we have to live in the understanding of its normalization? We carry the vibrations of those that have vanished against their will.

This site-specific multimedia installation will be a poetic construction built between the audience and the projected performer. It is a call to reflect actively on what drives us as human beings to coerce our spirit and others. This installation is inspired by ongoing research that explores the physical memory of female-gender violence victims in the Mexican context supported by The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) Tinker Field Research Grant for 2021.




Stephanie García


Originally from Mexico City, Stephanie Garcia was considered one of the most prominent dancers in Mexico in 2010. Garcia is a performer, choreographer, performing arts director, cultural manager, producer, arts advocator, Co-founder, and Co-Director of Punto de Inflexión Dance Company and PROArtes México. Stephanie has danced with several of the most influential choreographers and venues in Mexico, performed in 11 countries of America, Europe, and Africa, and choreographed more than 20 original dance/interdisciplinary pieces. She has been a beneficiary IBERESCENA grant (ESP), Prince Claus Fund (NLD), Santander Legacy 2020 outstanding profile recognition (MEX), Banff Center (CAN), NALAC (USA), and seven times awarded by Mexico's National Culture and Arts Fund from 2006-2019.


She is now an MFA candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Modern Dance program of the School of Dance, the CLAS Tinker Field Research Award recipient, and a Sorenson Legacy Foundation Fellow at the University of Utah.


Peter Hay


Hay is co-director of PROArtes Mexico, a company supporting creation/promotion of exemplary Mexican art and fostering bilateral exchange of art/artists between the US and MX. Previously, Hay was Exhibits Director of Durango Arts Center, Arts Instructor at Pueblo Community College, and Artist/Owner of Studio & Gallery in Durango, CO, USA, and Director of Development and Public Relations for Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, USA. He received an Associates of Art from Northern Oklahoma College, Bachelors of Art from Northeastern State University, and Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University. In addition, he has given many workshops and lectures, attended international conferences, worked as a freelance designer/illustrator, participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

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