Curated by Alicia Chesser

Night 1: March 26, 7pm. 

Night 2: March 27, 7pm.

In-person AND Live-streamed. $10

As part of the SHE PERFORMS series: What leaves and what returns. What links us together when we're on our own. What pulses under the skin, across the wires, inside earth and bones and waves. From iconic 1980s choreography to contemporary movement to folkloric processional to a pas de trois with a computer and a plant — Concurrent is an evening of dance and biosensory sound technology, celebrating what moves between us. Curated by Alicia Chesser.



"Tulsa danst Rosas" after Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

"Witness" by Tyne Shillingford"Concurrent" by Alicia Chesser + The New Honey Shade


"Kala" by Alicia Chesser


Juror for SHE PERFORMS: Amber Whitlatch


If you would like to view this performance online as a ticket holder, you will receive an email with a link to the live stream, plus the password to access the site. The video will also be available after the live stream to ticket holders.

In-person Tickets for Nights 1 & 2 are sold out! But you may still purchase tickets for the live-streaming events.

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