Handwoven Fiber Art. 115” x 22.5” - Stole.

The patterns were intuitively created by threading the loom randomly and from memory of drafts

used in previous weaving projects. I also experimented with different treadlings and with changing the shafts in the tie-up. This handwoven piece was created on a 36” Harrisville Designs 4-shaft loom. No weaving draft was used to create this stole. The creative process was both repetitive and spontaneous and involved generating plain weave, goose eye twill, herringbone variations, modified twills and unplanned floats. When dressing the loom there was no raddle used and the warp spacing is random. The weave structure is mixed plain weave, twills and thrills. The yarn used in the warp is Tencel. Tencel is a cellulose fiber produced from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees that are grown and replaced on specialized tree farms. Tencel is produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents. The many yarns used in the weft include bambu, wool, wool and silk blends, perle cotton, hand dyed and hand spun wool and hand-dyed roving. Very little rayon was used making this garment.


-Arachne weaves and Arachne spins and Minerva said “Do it again. I will slap your hand and I will

make you wait.” The Goddess herself did change the beauty’s fate. “How dare you have so much pride and be the talent of the village eye?” Arachne did not criticize. She only did her best. The Goddess of War and Wisdom must confess. “How could this ordinary girl have skill in mastering game plans and creating warmth and art by hand?” Arachne continued to work but only for a moment dared to be the Star. Minerva punished her instead of Mothering her and so we have this story from afar. -Lora Richmond

Lora Richmond "Arachne’s Revenge"