Glass and mixed media mosaic

Each time I create a mosaic, especially carefully planned designs, I also create a pile of scrap. These bits and pieces very often seize my imagination and lead me in an unplanned, more spontaneous direction. In the beginning, there is nothing in my mind except these accidentalshapes. I am led by leftovers… by the flotsam and detritus of otherworks.My “sketches” are usually in the form of self-made arrangementsgrowing out of the puzzle pieces before me. What fits together? Whatstays? What might move on to a future piece? Eventually I begin cuttingnew shapes to fit into the negative areas of these puzzles, carefullypatterning pieces to surround my leftovers which are now the centralfocus of a new image.Thoughts about the unknown subject are forming as well. I haverealized I channel my mood, my concerns, my losses and joys into myabstracts, even though I may be unaware as I start out. I begin tounderstand the meaning as the composition takes shape. These piecesare medicine to me.Occasionally, images in my mind must be recorded faster than I canarrange the glass. At these times I grab colored pencils or a nearbymarker. I may begin an abstract composition based on one of thesesketches but usually depart from it before I am through.I have heard authors say that as they work on a novel, their charactersdevelop and lead the writer in new directions. It feels like that to me asI move and arrange the colorful shapes on my worktable, watching asthey become something brand new. - Katie Wheat Pernu



Katie Wheat Pernu "Slow Change is Still Change"