Blue then Black Then Black and Blue” by Brenda Cope

I knew from the start, we would eventually part. We laughed wrapped in comfort. Your skin warm, soothing the dryness, breathing relief in the moment. I gave you my heart, but yours was not to be given already belonging. Hoping is no replacement for truth, the ticking revealed that love and in love are not the same monster. You took my heart without thought that she already had your heart. Could be undone, but you choose not. For your web of grief, of love lost to the grave, entranced, encased me in sticky doubt. Her name on your lips again and again suffocating hope, reaffirming that I could never be your one and only. If only. Changing and caring we did attach loosely projecting, claws sinking. Detached pretending, disappearing. Wondering where did you go? Here but away. So, my heart did die a slow and numbing, often still hoping with glimmers of yellow when reappearing. Here and there but not everywhere, as now the ticking produces blue then black then black and blue. Goodbye my friend. Not until we meet again. Let it be so, for the sake of my soul who has become a better friend.I knew from the start, we would eventually part.

Brenda Cope “Blue then Black and Blue Too”