Paintings, Collages, and Prints by Scott Hurst

Opening Reception: February 8th, 2019, 6-9pm


Closing Reception: the Closing of "Playtime>Discoveries" Works by Scott Hurst has been CANCELLED  due to weather.


Gallery Hours: Thursdays  5-9pm

                           Fridays 1-5pm

                           Saturdays 1-5pm

                           and by appointment 918.694.5719

An exhibit primarily of paintings, but also collages, prints and possibly small assemblages, ranging in size from ca. 5”x5” to ca. 60”x48”.

Scott Hurst Artist Statement: When asked what I do I have always said “shapes and colors”. But I don’t think it’s just or maybe even primarily about formal concerns. The colors and forms are the language I use to explore what it is to be alive, to be. Certainly I can try to do that in the medium of words as well, but the answers would not be quite the same sense words and images are different mediums of communication. In essence I think I am having a dialogue with myself, attempting to better understand what the philosopher Gabriel Marcel called the ‘mystery of being’.


I believe Art is one of the best and most important examples of PLAY, which is, sadly, much maligned in our culture. Art is not funded in our schools because it is wrongly believed to be frivolous and unimportant. Reason and the Left Brain are greatly overemphasized.  Play is essential to our well-being and critical to our ability to think for ourselves and process information in creative ways. I personally derive great pleasure and enjoyment from creating/making things.  I hope you will stop by and share a little of the fun I’ve been having…