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January 11 - February 2, 2019

OPENING: Friday, January 11, 2019, 6:00-9:00pm  (Second Fridays Off-Brady)
The exhibit continues to be on display through Saturday, Feb 2, 5:00pm
With a Closing Reception on Thursday, January 31, 5-9pm

GALLERY HOURS after opening: Artist will be at Liggett Studio 1-5pm each Saturday.  Artistic Director will be there on Thursdays 5-9pm.

Or the public can see the exhibit by appointment – 918-694-5719.  
Artist’s Statement:  “The dioramas in this exhibit are a result from the collision of a number of interests: A desire to use my hands and think in a sculptural way, construct a loose and enigmatic story, and provide a rather late intervention for the naively rendered landscapes and mass produced figurines from the mid-century that languish in thrift stores. They need each other. If you were to see my methods, you’d find me more a cobbler than a carpenter because every
construction has a unique set of materials that create mechanical, spatial and contextual quandaries I can solve only through trial and error. This is especially true when building around a found painting as I wish to work with its maker’s aesthetic and spatial logic. I also make assemblages to express an emotional state rather than create a narrative - these don't contain figurines or found paintings and are more abstract in nature. Much of my clay work is inwardly
focused and my physical form is the basis for much of it. While each piece in my proposed exhibit tells a unique story with unique methods and materials, they are sympathetic of each other and would, I believe, create an engaging, multifaceted exhibit.”

Director's Statement:  “I have known the artist for many years and have watched her grow and develop through many media. The current series of dioramas has been developing for a few years now and I love the way Deuschle works with found objects that are included in the compositions. The juxtapositioning of found painting backgrounds and ceramic figurines creates a somewhat “enchanted” landscape that interests me very much and I’m proud to be presenting this work alongside her paintings and assemblages in this exhibit.”

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