Featuring work by Ra Vashtar

Reservations required for the opening.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Friday, Feb 12, 6-9pm




Liggett Studio is a located at 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa, OK 74120 in heart of the "Off-Brady" East End Village District.

Bid on being the lucky one to destroy this Art!  All works will be destroyed at 8pm at the opening.

“Living Ephemera” will be a one-night event showcasing an art installation and gallery pieces created out of ephemeral materials such as newspaper, junk mail, receipts, packaging, etc. The focal point of the event will be an installation of multiple rows of wire with string wrapped around the wire and through holes punched in Polaroid photographs depicting themes of nature, time, and human experience. The gallery pieces will be artwork created from/on ephemeral materials that echo themes of mortality, time, and change. No photographs will be allowed of the artwork, and all artwork is to be destroyed immediately following the event.