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Lingering Matters

Featuring work by Carrie Dickason

Opens 1st Friday, January 7, 6-9pm
Continues through First Friday, February 4, with a closing with the artist 5-8pm



Liggett Studio is a located at 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa, OK 74120

ArtTalk by Carrie Dickason

Saturday, Janurary 8, 2pm

Liggett Studio


We welcome people to come and have a casual conversation with Carrie Dickason about her exhibition and to ask questions they might have. She will be talking about her background working with textiles and the automotive industry, and the systems of inquiry that inform her work. She is currently considering "time" and our experience and relationship to that time in our "consumer society" and our relationship to Nature - a refuge from our societal structures.  Lingering Matters is speaking to slowing down and how our consumer habits impact Life beyond our own.


Artist's Statement: "At this moment in human history where time is fleeting, how do capitalist pressures of speed and production impact the making and appreciation of art? 


Lingering Matters includes works that have evolved slowly. I am revisiting and using previously exhibited and unrealized experiments as starting points for new works- as materials themselves. 


These types of materials are imbued with content, including the histories they extend beyond their immediate physicality. Through layering materials and histories into new makings, I contact questions of society, environment, nature, and economics, reinvigorating connections and renewing tactile relationships. 


The abstract works in Lingering Matters invite viewers to consider their own relationships to time and the materials embedded within their lives."


Artist's Bio:


Former Tulsa Artist Fellow (2017-2019), currently based in New Mexico, Carrie Dickason, has a MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and BFA in Textiles from Indiana University, Bloomington. Her work has been exhibited widely at Oklahoma Contemporary, OK; Philbrook Museum of Art, OK; Columbus Museum of Art, OH; Cranbrook Museum of Art, MI; Center for Maine Contemporary Art, ME; Teton ArtLab, WY; Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, MI; Burlington City Arts, VT; Interstate Projects, NY; Grizzly Grizzly, PA- among others. Some ongoing themes of inquiry include the contrasts between: Nature/Culture; Attraction/Repulsion; Organic/Synthetic; Permanence/Impermanence. 



Tides Institute & Museum of Art – Bridging Boundaries, Exploring Borders


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