Sweet Tangled/ Sampled Romantic Lullabies

THIS EVENT WILL BE STREAMED LIVE at www.tulsaartistfellowship.org 


The performance will begin at 9:00pm on Saturday, June 6


During Tulsa Pride, Liggett Studio is proud to present a performance by Kalup Donte Linzy entitled "Sweet Tangled/ Sampled Romantic Lullabies". Kalup Linzy is a multi-disciplianary artist currently living and working in Tulsa with the Tulsa Artists Fellowship. His work is included in the public collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Whitney Museum of Art, and Studio Museum in Harlem.


Linzy has described his childhood and place of upbringing has thematically influential for his well-known video and performance work. For example, Linzy has produced a series of soap opera video works, and has described soap operas as having been a key social component for his family and community. He has said that shows such as Guiding Light were a part of daily life when he was growing up, and he often includes soap opera stereotypes in the characters and plot of his videos. His soap opera videos can be characterized by their low-tech quality, themes of community, socializing, family, the church, sexuality and homosexuality.

He would eventually explore sexuality, along with race, gender, stereotypes, and cultural identities, in his art. Linzy pushes the boundaries of gender in his work through dressing himself and other characters in drag, using pre-recorded voices or manipulating voice through video editing, and playing with different dialects. The soap opera character maps are extensive and he charts family trees and detailed personas to bring them to life. He also uses friends with little or no acting experience for some parts. In addition to video work, Linzy performs on stage, writes songs, and collaborates with other artists.


This performance is described by the artist in this way: This video/performance work will include a live band, Kalup will be  "performing music from previous albums as alter egos Taiwan Braswell and Kaye Braswell. The performance will open with Kaye and close with Taiwan.  Video interludes will be dispersed throughout."

This Project was created with support by Tulsa Artist Fellowship created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.  Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community.