Fireflies II Performance

Curated by Melanie Fry


Liggett Studio 314 S. Kenosha Ave. 74120

$10, women only

Due to the recent situation with the Covid 19 virus pandemic, Liggett Studio has delayed the Fireflies Performance. Any tickets purchased will be honored on the future date.  Keep safe and we'll all get through all of this!  Sorry for this inconvenience, but I feel that this is the prudent thing to do.

This is the second year for Fireflies, a visual and performing arts show honoring and showcasing women artists and performers over 55. The first year for Fireflies over thirty artists and twenty five performers were invited based on my knowledge of their work and their histories as artists and as women. We all have stories to tell, and after many seasons as mothers, artists, sisters, daughters, aunts, and grandmothers, our stories begin to intertwine with each other on many levels. The work represented in this exhibit shows where these artists are in this moment artistically, spiritually, socially, and personally.


The term "Fireflies" was selected to represent us because we are in the twilight of our lives -- but still shining and lighting the way for our sisters. 


Barbara Murn, Claudia Sanders, Deborah Hunter, Genie Reiman, Jan Simpson, Julie Tattershall, Kim Doner, Lisa Stefanic, Melanie Fry, Nancy Taylor Payne, Peggy Fry, Rena Cook, Sallie Godwin, Vivica Walkenbach

Benefactress: Sharon King Davis (Firefly Queen)

Artwork by Melanie Fry

Fry 2.jpeg