March 8 - April 6, 2019


        - a celebration and examination of women over 55 and their art and performance work.

        - Curated by Melanie Fry

        - Opens 2nd Friday, Off Brady, March 8, 2019, 6:00-9:00pm; Continues through Saturday, April 6

        - Gallery Hours after the opening:  Thursdays 5-8pm and Saturdays 1-5pm or by appointment (918) 694-5719

        - Special "Fireflies Performance Night"  Saturday, March 30, 7:30pm for females only!


Curator’s Statement:

The idea for Fireflies: A Crone’s Tale came from endlessly seeing showcases and opportunities for young and emerging artists and virtually nothing for older artists. There is a mother lode of older female talent that’s been quietly waiting to be reawakened after jobs, family, relationships, and challenges took precedence in their lives. Aging and retirement is the gift many of us have been waiting for to re-immerse ourselves in our favorite ways of expression. In praise of older women, we deserve to celebrate ourselves, our journeys, and the artistic evidence that we were here. 


"Fireflies Performance Night"  

    - $10 admission online or at the door

    - This is a "females only" performance and so males will not be allowed to enter.

    - Saturday, March 30, 7:30pm

    - Liggett Studio, 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa


- Performers : 

Barbara Murn

Claudia Sanders

Deborah Hunter

Genie Reiman

Jan Simpson

Julie Tattershall

Kim Doner

Lisa Stefanic

Liz Masters

Melanie Fry

Nancy Taylor Payne

Peggy Fry

Sallie Godwin

Vivica Walkenbach

Sharon Allred

Allred’s abstract images connect to the core of the human experience.  Using color she expresses the organic nature of emotions, memories, legends and hopes.

The process of creating art is much like life—we add, we subtract, we move and shift to new ways of being in the world.  Allred’s painting process often involves layering paint, textures, found objects and ascemic writings.

Sharon invites her viewers to find their own meanings in her paintings.  When asked to explain her work she said, “Look closely, look within and listen to the message that is for you.”

Sharon has enjoyed creating art throughout her life even while she pursued a career as a cardiac nurse.  Tying art to healing was a natural transition.  In 2006 Allred trained at The Creative Center in NYC where she learned methods of improving patient healing through art-making. In 2007 Sharon began working as an Artist-in-Residence at OK Heart Institute and Children’s Pediatric Oncology clinic where she taught art to patients and their families.

She also developed an art and healing workshop titled “Draw Near to Your Body.”  In these small group experiences, participants discover greater self-awareness and inner healing through the process of art-making.

Over the past ten years Sharon has studied painting with several notable mixed media artist and has developed her own unique style of painting, which quietly invites the viewer to look within. She also teaches Mixed Media workshops to small groups in her private studio.

After a series of successes including corporate collections, magazine features, one-woman show and invitations to juried exhibitions; Allred embraced her new calling—full time painting.  Today you will find her hard at work in her home studio she created with her husband.  She is currently supervised by her constant companion, her dog named Gabbi.

Visit her website at or by e-mail