Opening: Friday, Sept 11, 2020, 6 - 9 pm

We will have timed tickets available soon to assist in social distancing. Masks are required.
Last day of exhibit: Oct 3, 2020

ELEMENTS is a themed exhibition by 12 Tulsa area artists, working in a variety of media.
The works in this exhibition are based on the “classic” elements observed by ancient Greece and other
cultures—most typically, earth, air, fire, and water. Each artist brings their own unique interpretation(s)
of this theme.

About the Artists
This group of artists first came together in 2018 for an exhibition at the Performing Arts Center around
the theme “Tree” and followed up that exhibition in 2019 with a “Mask” themed show at the Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center. “Elements” is the group’s third themed exhibition.


Exhibiting Artists:
Sally Bachman
Milissa Burkart
Jean Ann Fausser
Rusty Johnson
Sharyl Landis
Cynthia Marcoux
Cindy Swanson
Jim Terrell
Steve Tomlin
Kristal Tomshany
Janis Updike Walker
Dean Wyatt