Opening: Dec 1 and continues thru Dec 20

Opening Dec. 1st, 6-9pm

Exhibit hours: Tues-Thurs 6-9pm & Sat 1-5pm.  

Open 1st Friday also 6-9pm


Featured artists: Michele Clancy, Matt Smith, Maddy Witt & Mathew Lewis McAdow

This 4 person exhibition shows the diversity of forms of expression through painting that comes from Tulsa artists. 

Michele Clancy Artist Statement & Bio: My artwork is a collection of my paintings done really to help me get through two of the worst years of my life. A series of sad events have continued to plague my family and I as we have lost loved ones, family home and self. My art and fitness has been my only ways of expressing the raw emotions of the past two years.

Michele travels through two worlds unlearning all that she has learned.” This quote best summarizes all my artwork and my constant search to appreciate all the beautiful and all the not so beautiful of our world. The duality of both those aspects of life that are good and bad. We tend to try to throw out the bad but I have learned over the course of the last few years that those “bad” things are what makes us the most strong ant the most beautiful. I am also fascinated with color and constantly work with bright bold colors, which is a trademark of most of my art. Michele is a Tulsa artist and art teacher who received her formal education from the University of Tulsa. Michele primarily works in watercolor, oil or acrylic paint but is expanding her art to include clay building and
jewelry design.



Matt Smith Artist Statement: I've always been drawn to painters that tell a story with their work. Steam trains, old cars, musicians and buildings are subjects that speak to me. I love to put on a old jazz or rock record and paint into the night, I feel the good tunes soak into the canvas.

Maddy Witt Artist Statement & Bio: My work involves on-location drawing and painting that documents the people, places and locations I have experienced over the past couple of years. I am a watercolorist that typically works from a small sketchbook. I then transform these sketches into larger more complex panoramic works.

Maddy Witt grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and completed her BA degree in Fine Art at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. While at Trinity University Maddy was accepted to study abroad at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland during her junior year. In 2016, she was awarded the Excellence in Art Award from Trinity University. Maddy participated in the Juried Mini exhibition and the Senior Art Show at the Neidorff Art Gallery. Post-graduation, Maddy spent 6 months working in the wood conservation and design departments at the Israel Museum. Her experiences abroad shaped her recent body of work which she calls “Socialscapes.”  Each painting is a microcosm of a particular place or culture and a continuing body of work that begs the question “where do I belong in this landscape.” Maddy exhibited two solo shows this year, one at the Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico and one at Shades of Brown in Tulsa, OK. In addition to being an artist, Maddy is pursuing a career in art conservation, as a conservation technician at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK.

Mathew Lewis McAdow Bio: Mathew Lewis McAdow was born on June 21, 1950. He grew up in Monterrey, CA
before moving to Tulsa, OK and graduating from Will Rogers High School in 1968. His parents were artists and graduates from the Kansas City Art Institute. They introduced Mathew to art at an early age and inspired him to become a contemporary artist. Although primarily a self-taught artist, he graduated from Tulsa Welding School in order to advance his skills as a sculptor. He has had showings of wood and metal sculptures in Galveston, TX and Tulsa, OK. Mathew’s
most recent artistic venture is to break down form into line.

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