David Cardamone Artist Statement of Deaf Bruce Lou

The artwork is an exploration of Bruce Lee's philosophy, based on Tao and Chinese Philosophy, he combined martial arts and philosophy together in his works "Tao of June Keet Do". The Ying Yang symbol is a universal concept understood as a household image, here in my work I have represented it as the Ear and Hearing Aid, Hearing and Deafness. We see the ear and hearing aid in the art, and how it distorts the vision or perspective of the image that it overlaps. For example, we see the ear as an 'x-ray' vision on an image and we see the hearing-aid as a 'psychedelic' vision of the image. We could make many interpretations of these things, that the hearing sees reality like an x-ray, while deafness sees reality like a psychedelic trip. Or with other perspectives used, one could conjecture up interpretations of what we perceive in hearing and deafness. The Tripych, has three titles that combine together to form a poem from which summates a philosophy from understanding deafness.

What is Lucid is really a cloudy haze. The storm reveals the truth of a sunny day. The thunders and lighting opens the hidden senses.
The first title, "What is lucid is really a cloudy haze" could mean that hearing, is really deafness, in the sense, that it can be a weakness, or a crutch for something else that is out there, for when we read "The storm reveals the truth of a sunny day" we see that deafness, causes the listener to think about what they hear, or to think on what they are perceiving with their ears or senses. So they are using an articulate thought process and sensory conjectures to sense reality, without hearing or with limited hearing, which becomes a cerebral experience, that makes hearing seem "lazy".

When we read the title, "The thunders and lighting opens the hidden senses" we are getting into Deaf Bruce Lou's martial arts philosophy that the act of martial arts itself, is a sense organ and mind, human and everything in one, that it is a new sense and creation, from which one can see and perceive the world differently and more than one is without the martial arts conceptualization and realization.

In a way, what I am trying to say is that one could hear "more' in deafness than one does with an ear, with all the thought processes, sensory conjectures and other senses.