Opening: Friday, Oct 9, 2020, 5 - 9 pm

Masks are required.

Hours after opening:

Thursdays: 5-9pm, Fridays 4-9pm, Saturdays 1-5pm

Last day of exhibit: Nov 7, 2020

Real Time Dissociation

Featuring work by Austin Gober

​The artist's subjects are primarily complete abstractions or highly abstracted people and things, mostly in acrylic paint.  The artist says about his work, "I would describe my work as a fusion between a Fisher-Price toy and the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey; Transcendent shapes that loom in an unfamiliar environment made up of bold offbeat colors. My ideas all start simple, often just as a shape or a composition, then I continuously manipulate and evolve into further unrecognizable forms. I aim to bring these two-dimensional shapes to life with vivid color combinations and disorienting perspectives and depths. My ultimate goal is to fuse a sense of playfulness with an abstract feeling of looming confrontation without using any real narrative devices."

My Left, You're Right

Featuring work by Allison Ward

Allison Ward works through gestural abstract expressionism using encaustic wax and various collage mediums. Through the series “My Left, You’re Right” she explores thoughts deployed by clinical diagnosis. More specifically speaking to times of complete mental distraction, isolation, disassociation, and defeat. In this, she conceptually explores her thoughts as a person living day to day with mental health issues. Using gathered materials from her time spent in a mental health facility, reflecting on the things which brought her there. She uses each canvas as a sounding board, splaying her thoughts and emotions decisively, in the moment, with a sense of catharsis.