BOTANICA: Patrick (p.s.) Gordon and Steve Liggett, a Collaboration

Premiers Thursday, December 5, 2019, 5:30-9:00pm

Last day of Exhibit: December 21, 2019


Gallery Hours after Opening:  

Thursdays, 5-8pm

Fridays, 5-8pm

Saturdays, 1-5pm


Liggett Studio, 314 S Kenosha Ave, Tulsa, OK

Liggett Studio presents the premiere of the painted ceramic works of Steve Liggett and Patrick Gordon.   After working together for nearly a year, this will be the first time that the two have shown the public their new works. 


For Gordon, who is well known for his still life and portrait paintings in both watercolor and oils, this will not only be his first serious work in clay, but also his first collaboration – with anyone. “It’s an interesting thing going from painting three dimensional objects to painting on three dimensional objects” says Gordon. “The world is not flat -unlike what I thought!”


The forms are created and modified by Liggett who is also a Tulsa icon with not only his clay work, but his interdisciplinary works and his artistic direction.  “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Pat over the past several months” says Liggett.  “He’s got a very keen eye and I think we have shown each other some new tricks.”  “I have to laugh when Pat calls working in my studio “like Vacation Bible School!”


The theme of their new work is called “Botanica” which reflects the forms and the painted surfaces on them.  “There’s consistency in the form of the flower, yet every flower is unique” says Gordon.