In conjunction with the AUTOMATISTIC SKETCHES exhibit, on Friday February 26th from 6-8pm, Liggett Studio will host a discussion panel made up of professional Therapists who use art therapy in their practice. They will discuss their industry in general and how art helps their clients.  Linda Reynolds, Licensed Art Therapist, Kris Newlin, Licensed Art Therapist and Laura Abbott, Art Teacher at Street School will discuss how art therapy works and helps their clients.

During the run of this show, the viewer will be invited to fill out questionnaires, allowing them to interpret the art and the feelings represented within. The viewers will also be able to sketch and color small bits of paper, allowing them to participate and relate to the experience. The artwork created by the viewers will be combined together included in a large image which will ultimately spell out a message repeated to the theme of the show. 

This event will also be live on Liggett Studio's Facebook Page