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Papermaking, part 2

Oct 19 & 20

Expand your knowledge of papermaking with Patti Shanks in PART 2 of the papermaking workshop. We’ll continue sheet formation, and learn how to work with overbeaten pulps that have been beaten for 8 hours in a Hollander beater. Overbeaten pulp has a translucent quality and high shrinkage capacity that tightens up the surface of handmade paper. Using this pulp, we’ll make and draw with pulp paints and manipulate thin pulp washes to build up layers of color and surface design. We’ll add different materials to our pulp and to our formed sheets. We can embed paper scraps, cloth scraps, thread, string, netting, dried plant material and other materials to create paper compositions that stand alone as original artwork. 

We’ll start the workshop with a show and tell of paper artworks and techniques to learn. There will be demonstrations and plenty of time to practice what you learn. 

What I provide: we’ll use abaca and hemp as our base paper pulp. The overbeaten pulps are made of bleached flax or R flax (regular flax). These will all be prepped and ready for the workshop. 

Workshop will meet on 2 consecutive days: October 19 & 20 from 10:30 until 2:30. Cost $190. 

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