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Second Friday, Sept 8, 5-8pm

Continues through Fri, Oct 6.

Gallery hours after opening: THURS 5-8pm, SAT 1-5pm

Liggett Studio is a located at 314 S Kenosha, Tulsa, OK 74120

This exhibit will show a variety of works by artists that not only are are concerned with creating new maps but also “unmap” concepts of what and where we have been, what we have become and who we are, transforming and loosening the borders that existing maps have artificially constructed.. The exhibition will be open to all poets, dancers, photographers, painters, sculptors, potters, quilters, papermakers, musicians, mixed media makers and inventors who can't even be categorized with any labels to create and submit their "maps" or their “unmaps” for consideration to exhibit/perform them in this time period through Liggett Studio. There will also be a number of "Map(un)Map -Making Workshops" planned throughout the year that will show the variety of ways to interpret this word: MAP. Co-curated by Walt Kosty and Steve Liggett.

The link below will lead you to items that are currently for sale in our gallery. Artwork from the exhibit above will be listed on the date and time of the opening.
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