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Mapmaking Explorations Workshop Series

Individual workshops each Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Workshop with Walt Kosty:

April 22, 12-3 pm- map(un)mapped workshop “where we live” with Walt Kosty. Using place as inspiration, participants will consider how to use their creativity to “Invest in Our Planet”, which coincides with the theme of Earth Day 2023.  There is no material fee for this workshop.

Workshops with Steve Liggett:

Mapmaking Explorations Individuals of all levels of artistic experience are encouraged to participate as the goal of this project is to use hands-on exercises to learn new ways to consider map making.  Steve Liggett will conduct a 5 short workshops in creating Artists’ maps.  Each Wednesday from 6-8pm from May 3-31.  Through hands on exercises, the goal of this project is to show the participant the many ways to think about maps and to give them a wide variety of media to facilitate this. Each week they show what they accomplished from the week before and learn a new technique

May 3, 6-8pm - Mapping What a Perfect Day Looks Like.  Working with Folded Paper into a Zine & pencil.  People bring what they want to work with:  Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Paper, Clay, Poetry… etc… $10. Materials fee.

May 10, 6-8pm - Mapping your Neighborhood using Google maps.  Fabric and Paper Collage – sewn, fused or glued down and then painted over.  Bring scraps, a large background canvas, paints, pencils and a $10 materials fee.

May 17, 6-8pm - Working with Clay & Underglazes we build a Topographical Map and make it into tiles that each person works on.  $10 materials fee.

May 24, 6-8pm - Fantasy Treasure Map. Bring Cray-Pas, Watercolor. Ink pens & Tempera on Paper (Paper Batik). Inspiration for this can be from your imagination or from an area in your back yard. $10 materials fee.

May 31, 6-8pm - Combining all of these techniques learned or other media into a  Map of an Personal Experience.  The group is asked to write down numerous answers to favorite things and then picks from these a final project. Using any of the above techniques or combinations, this project takes on a much more of a finished look.  Bring whatever you wish to work with. $10 materials fee.

Pre-enrollment is encouraged as space participation is limited, although the workshop will be open for the public to attend.

The link below will lead you to items that are currently for sale in our gallery. Artwork from the exhibit above will be listed on the date and time of the opening.
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