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With Patti Shanks

With Patti Shanks

October 21 & 22, 2023. 10:30 am - 2:30pm, $150. In this workshop, you’ll learn the technique in papermaking called Blow Out, a technique that uses overbeaten pulp and a special hose nozzle to create shaped areas of pulp that are then couched onto a wet base sheet of paper. These will then be pressed to form a single piece. Price includes paper pulp. Some stencils will be available to experiment with, but instructor will  send a supply list with information on what kind of stencil paper to buy and bring.


One way to use this method involves placing low relief 3-D objects onto a sheet of wet pulp (while on mould) and blowing out the shapes then couching onto a base sheet. Another technique involves stencils. Hand cut or machine cut stencils can be placed on top of a wet piece of paper then blown out so that designs using both positive and negative areas remain on the papermaking mould. After couching onto the base sheet, there’s the option of adding more blown out shapes or continuing to enhance the surface with pulp painting or other materials. This technique has a great deal of possibilities not just for 2-D handmade paper but for use in casting wet sheets of paper onto 3-D forms as well!

*Photo: Handmade Paper using Blow Out Method by Nancy Cohen

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